Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer

1) MatzoTech will not be held liable for any software or data loss on any electronic device(s). Though we take the utmost of care to protect client information, it always remains the end user’s own responsibility to manage their own backups.

2) Any computer or part thereof booked in for repairs at MatzoTech will be at the owner’s own risk.

3) MatzoTech reserves the right not to return any computer or part to its owner unless any relevant outstanding payment(s) for parts and/or services sold are settled in full via cash, EFT or card payment.

4) MatzoTech reserves the right to sell any uncollected items within 60 days to defray costs if no communication with the customer was possible.

5) Warranty does not cover physical damage or software, virus infections, data recovery, or data migrations, standard service rates applies.

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